The Best Options Trading Alert Services and Products

Mason Jefferies
22 min readApr 29, 2023

As financial markets continue to evolve rapidly, staying informed on current trends and opportunities is crucial to successful trading. Unfortunately, with so many different sources available it can be challenging to weed through all the noise to find reliable information.

Updated June 14, 2024

Option trading alert services provide traders with real-time notifications 📱 about market movements 📈, potential trades, and other essential details that help inform informed decisions. In this blog post, we’ll explore some of the top option trading alert services and discuss how they can maximize trading potential.

11 Best options Trading Alert Services

1. The Empirical Collective:

The Empirical Collective is our top choice when it comes to options trade alerts because they just plain offer more value than any of their competitors. They give you access to a variety of different trackers & data sources in addition to the option alerts they send out.

And if you’ve ever signed up for a trading related service before, you know that most companies try to upsell or charge extra for virtually anything that they offer.

So it’s great to see someone stepping up and providing extra value — especially when you factor in the low price of their membership.

You can see a list of their most recent options trading wins here.

They’ve received some really great reviews — especially on independent websites like You can see an example here.

Ultimately between the trade alerts & all of the unique tools and data they provide their members, they offer more value than anyone else.

In fact, some of their members have said that they provide more value than some trading services that cost $1500+ per year (whereas TEC is a fraction of that price).

2. Clearway Trading:

Clearway Trading is our top choice because they offer great quality trade alerts.

We love the historical list of their trade results — it really sets them apart from the competition.

And the cost of a membership is about the same as the cost for 2 months with any of the competitors.

You can click here to check them out.

2. OptionAlarm:

OptionAlarm is an industry-renowned options trading alert service, offerin traders real-time alert📢 and insights for options trading. This platform features trade alert🔔, market analysis reports, trade ideas 🤔 as well as advanced tools like real-time dashboard, customizable filters and mobile app functionality.

3. LiveVol:

LiveVol is an advanced options trading alert service offering real-time alerts and analytics. The service features customizable filters, real-time data visualization and real-time dashboard functionality; in addition to educational resources to aid traders.


4. Top Stock Picks:

Top Stock Picks is an experienced options trading alert service offerin real-tim🕒 alerts and analysis for options traders. Their offerings include trade alerts, market analysis and trade ide🤔as as well as advanced tools and features like real-time dash board, customizable filters and mobile app integration.

5. Market Chameleon:

Market Chameleon is a comprehensive options trading alert service offering real-time options trading alerts and analytics, including customizable filters, real-time data visualization, and an interactive dashboard.

Additionally, they offer numerous educational materials to assist traders in learning more about options trading.

6. SteadyOptions:

SteadyOptions is a popular options trading alert🚨 service, providing real-time alerts and analysis to options traders. This service includes trade alerts, market analysis reports and trade ideas as well as advanced tools and features such as real-time dash board, customizab🎛️le filters and mobile app connectivity.

7. OptionsHawk:

OptionsHawk is an advanced options trading alert service providing real-time alerts and analytics. It features customizable filters, real-time data visualization, a real-time dashboard as well as numerous educational resources for traders interested in expanding their knowledge about options trading.

8. Explosive Options:

Explosive Options is an acclaimed🔥 options trading alert service, provid ing real- time alerts and analy sis to options traders. With trade alerts, market analysis, trade ideas alerts, customizable filters and even mobile application. Explosive Options also features advanced tools and features like real- time dash board, customizable filters and real- time reporting — providing traders with everything they need for successful options trading! 📈

trade options

9. Option Alpha:

Option Alpha is a comprehensive 🤑 options trading alert service offering real- time alerts and analytics, including customi zable filters, real- time data visualization, and an interactive dash board. In addition, Option Alfa also provides educational resources that help traders develop an understanding of options trading. 📊

10. The Options Industry Council:

The Options Industry Council (OIC) is a non-profit organization dedicated to offering educati onal resources and services for options traders. OIC offers webinars, podcasts and online courses. In addi tion, tools and services like its free options charting service are also provided. 📚


Services offering opti ons trading alert services can be an invalu able asset to traders seeking to manage risk and make informed decisions in the market. The services we’ve discussed offer real- time alerts, insights and advanced features designed to keep traders ahead of the game and increase profits. No matter if you are an experien ced options trader or just getting started, using options trading alert services may help navigate your way through this lucrative arena. 📊

Note that no trading strategy can guarantee success and options trading involves risks; however, using these services may increase your odds of success and help make more informed decisions when trading options. 🤞


What is the best option trading alert service?

Ultimately we feel that The Empirical Collective is the best option trading alert service. But your choice of an option trading alert service depends entirely on your trading needs and goals. There are a wide variety of alert services to choose from, each offering different features and benefits. 📈

Research your options thorough ly before selecting a service that aligns with your trading strategies and preferences.

What are options trading alert services?

Options trading alert services provide real- time alerts and insights to options traders regarding market movements, trade ideas and other information relevant to their trading decisions. 📊

Can Options Trading Alert Services Help Me Make Profitable Trades?

Options trading alert services can be an invalu able asset to traders seeking to make informed decisions in the market, however no trading strategy is foolproof and options trading carries inherent risks that should be research ed prior to making any trading decisions. It’s crucial that traders conduct their own analysis prior to taking any actions related to trading options. 💰

What is a trading analyst?

Trading analysts are professionals who use data analytix and market research to analyz trends and patterns in the market, providing advice and recommendations to traders and investors. 💼

What Is an Options Alert Service?

An options alert service provides real- time alerts to options traders about market movements and trade ideas via email, text messagin g, or mobile applicati ons. These notifications may include news of market movement or trade ideas as they occur. 🚨

What Are Options Trading Strategies?

Options trading strategies refer to specific techniques and approaches employed by traders when purchasing and selling options contracts. These may involve various combinations of purchasing/selling options or other financial instruments. 💹

What Is Sky View Trading?

Sky View Trading is an options trading service offering education, research and alerts tailored towards swing trading strategies. Sky View provides its traders with resources that help make more informed decisions in the market. 📚

What is Swing Trading?

Swing trading is a trading strategy in which traders buy and hold positions for short durati ons — typically several days to several weeks — in order to take advantage of short-term price movements in the market. It is often employed in options trading. 📈

Can I use options trading alert services with any broker?

Most options trading alert services should work with any broker; however, it’s advisable to verify compatibility with your provider. Some may even integrate with specific brokers for easier trade execution and provide additional benefits like streamlining trade execution. 🔍

Are options trading services worth it?

Value of options trading services depends on each trader’s individual needs and goals. They may prove especially helpful for traders looking for education, research, real-time alerts or real-time alerts — however it’s essential that traders carefully weigh potential cost vs benefits when making trading decisions. 🤔

What is an Options Trading Alert?

An options trading alert is a specialized service used by traders to make more profitable trades, with alerts being delivered directly to phone or email accounts of traders. When options experts, algorithms or analyzed information suggests key decisions for traders, an alert service will offer traders detailed new trading strategies, ideas and ways to reduce risk. Options trading alert services help traders recognize and act upon opportunities within options trading. Services offering options trade recommendations, entry points, price targets and research tools. Alerts typically contain stock symbol information along with entry price, stop loss level and additional background data that helps traders make more informed investment decisions with less analysis work required. Options trading alerts provide traders with all of these tools needed for making successful trade decisions quickly and effortlessly. 📈

Benefits of Using Options Trading Alert Products and Services

  1. Accessing Top-Performing Strategies Options trading alert services and products provide access to some of the highest-performing strategies, including long-term strategies focused on consistent, quality trades; unique risk management techniques; using experience to identify high-return/low-risk trades; filtering out and analyzing risk/reward ideas from across markets; tracking profits/losses for analysis to improve trading strategy, as well as capitalizing on opportunities that present themselves for winning trades. These services should offer easy-to-follow trade alerts delivered in real-time that help traders identify risky trades while increasing exposure to trades with greater upside potential. In addition, the services should enable traders to make successful trades in any market environment and outstrip average market returns by over 20%. 🚀
  2. Increase Your Chance of Success Utilizing an options trading alert service can increase the odds of trading success by providing traders with timely trade alerts and straightforward trading instructions. Alerts are delivered instantly, saving traders hours from sifting through stock charts to find opportunities with high upside potential. Furthermore, alerts provide traders with valuable insight into where the best opportunities lie within the market — making identifying trading positions with greater upside potential easier than ever before. Additionally, our service provides a Target Profit Calculation formula which assists traders in effectively managing risk and cutting losses while increasing gains. With such a proven long-term strategy in place, traders can leave market confusion behind them and enjoy real results that speak for themselves. 💰
  3. Increased ability to manage risk. By providing easy-to-follow trade alerts in real time, an options trading alert service can increase risk management capabilities by helping investors reduce frequency of losing trades and average losses per trade. The service also screens risky trades and increases exposure to those that offer greater upside potential, helping investors beat market returns by over 20%. By taking advantage of an alert service, investors can benefit from the experience and insight of professional portfolio managers without spending hours poring over stock charts. Target Profit Calculation offers a secure formula that determines when it’s best to take profits or cut losses, keeping losses to a minimum while maximizing gains. It also helps reduce the unpredictable nature of options returns and manage the emotions involved with trading. Furthermore, an alert service like this allows investors to follow in the footsteps of top Hedg🌳 Fund Managers who utilize options as an excellent risk/reward opportunity. 💸
  4. Easier Market Tracking Utilizing options trading alert services and products can aid traders in monitoring markets more easily by providing them with a structured framework for making trading decisions. Real-time trade alerts provided by these services provide traders with real-time alerts that feature clear signals and exact prices, enabling them to make informed decisions in both bullish and bear markets. Additionally, traders can lower both their frequency of losing trades and average losses per trade by employing screening processes to increase exposure to opportunities with increased upside potential. These alert services and products provide traders with an intuitive trading strategy, tested across various market environments, making it more reliable and efficient than manually tracking markets. Utilizing options trading alert services and products makes market tracking much simpler and successful. 📊
  5. Increased Ability to Make Informed Trading Decisions Utilizing options trading alert services and products can assist traders in making more informed trading decisions in numerous ways. Alerts provide traders with real-time trading opportunities, helping them identify potential trades and make more informed investment decisions. In addition, real-time alerts allow traders to stay current with market conditions — giving them an edge in their trading endeavors. Options trading alerts provide traders with educational content to enable them to further hone and develop their trading strategies. Many alert services offer free trials and integration with online brokers and exchanges, so traders can test out an alert system before investing their own capital in it. Furthermore, many alert services offer expert or algorithm-based insights which help traders make smarter trades. 📈
  6. Access to alerts and signals from experts📈 Options trading alert services and products provide investors and traders with a valuable resource: accessing real-time alerts and signals from experts in real time. Trade Alert uses order flow analysis to add context and insight to market activity in real time. Investors and traders can also utilize services such as Trade Ideas and Option Alpha that provide algorithms to forecast market movements as well as expert advice, to make their investments. These services not only offer educational content, but they can also integrate with online brokers or exchanges for automated trading. Furthermore, many alert services offer free trials lasting seven days to allow traders to test out their service before investing their capital in it. Ultimately these services provide expert insight that allows investors to make more profitable investment decisions with less analysis work needed.
  7. Increased ability to profit from moves in the market: Utilizing options trading alert services and products can significantly enhance a trader’s ability to profit from market moves. With access to sophisticated screening processes and trade alerts delivered in real time, options trading alert services allow traders to identify trades with added upside potential while simultaneously reducing losses per trade and instantly minimizing losses incurred per trade incurred via their Target Profit Calculation formula — ultimately expanding your portfolio exponentially while outstripping average market returns by over 20%!
  8. Ability to take advantage of opportunities that might arise: Options trading alert services and products provide users with the ability to take advantage of any opportunities that arise in the market. Professional portfolio management services can be expensive; however, these services provide access to the same high quality research and analysis at a much more reasonable cost. Users receive high-quality alerts and tools to assess risk/reward opportunities in trading opportunities with high likelihood of success, along with alerts for the best investments with highest chances of success. By taking advantage of these services, traders can access the market more efficiently and effectively without spending hours researching and analyzing each day. Successful option traders possess strong educational credentials as well as analytical abilities. Furthermore, they are committed to their trading plan.
  9. Increased ability to stay on track with a trading plan: An options trading alert service can assist with staying on track with a trading plan by providing real-time trade alerts that provide easy-to-follow signals, precise prices, and full guidance so that you make the right decisions when trading. With these alerts, traders gain access to ticker symbols, trade types, price targets, suggested trade ideas, estimated timeframe for trade to play out successfully and proven results from analysts with over 25 years of experience. This allows traders to make informed decisions based on current market conditions, avoiding risky trades that could potentially end in losses. Furthermore, this service offers a plan to lower market volatility and maximize gains; through which traders can better understand their options trading results while mitigating risk to ensure consistent profitability. 💰

Types of best options trading alert services and products

  • 1. Trade Alerts Service: Trade Alerts Service are specialized services developed specifically to assist option traders in making more profitable trades. They provides real-time alerts with clear signals and exact prices directly to its subscribers via text messaging or email alerts, with some having an impressive 90% success rate and five to ten alerts per week being delivered on average, in addition to proof of trades and performance documentation, free three-day trials and seven-day refund guarantees, VIP support (via text messages or emails) and the option for canceling service at any time. 💸📈🔔This service’s primary advantage lies in enabling traders to spend less time analyzing the market and more time trading. Furthermore, users are provided with trade recommendations, strategies, entry points and price targets; research tools provide assistance when exploring potential trades; costs are kept to a minimum and there’s a high success rate; this service makes making more profitable trades easier than ever! Essentially, Trade Alerts Services provide traders and investors alike an effective tool to maximize returns through more profitable trading experiences. 💰💼👨‍💼
  • Stock Options Alert Services: There are various options alert services available for traders. Alert Services for Individual Trades: Alert services provide trade recommendations with specific strategies, entry points and price targets suited for experienced traders looking for specific strategies to implement. This can be particularly useful for traders utilizing specific strategies. Research Tools: Many alert services provide traders with research tools that enable them to conduct their own investigations of potential stock option trades. These may include tools for technical analysis, fundamental analysis and options analysis. Historical Trade Transparency: Certain alert services offer visibility into past trades so traders can evaluate how well a service performed and make informed decisions about which alert services to choose. Pricing: Since different alert services offer various pricing structures, it’s essential to shop around and find one which meets both your budget and needs. Trade Alert Frequency: Some services offer more frequent trade alerts than others so it is vitally important that you monitor these. Education: Alert services often provide courses or at least basic options trading education to their members. 📚📉💹
  • Options Trading Alerts Option trading alerts come in various forms — trade alerts, research tools, educational content and integration with brokers and exchanges being just some examples. Trade alerts provide traders with all of the information necessary for profitable trading decisions, including stock symbol, entry price, stop loss level and any relevant background data. Research tools allow traders to conduct their own due diligence into potential options trades. Educational content can help traders learn more about options trading and understand how to make the most profitable trades. Integrations with brokers and exchanges enable traders to automatically trade based on alerts in real-time or receive them via text, email, or push notifications. 📊📚📱
  • Swing Trading Options. Swing trading options is an innovative tradin technique designed to take advantage of short and medium-term movements in the financial market, using buying and selling options contracts in order to capitalize on price changes 👍. Swing trading options provides traders with many advantages, chief among them the ability to generate profits despite limited capital 💰 and limit risk exposure by employing closely defined risk management strategies that help manage potential losses. Swing trading options allow traders to leverage the leverage that options provide and amplify both gains and losses more significantly. Furthermore, swing trading allows strategic trading without monitoring markets constantly. 📈
options trading alerts

How to choose the right option trading alert service or product for you?

  • Step 1: Look for a service that provides options trading alerts Finding an options trading alert service that best meets your needs and budget can be daunting, but here are a few steps you can take to help ensure you find it. Researching various services available will take some research, with reviews, features comparison and free trials offered by each. You may want to also factor in cost as some services charge monthly or annual fees while others might offer free service options. 💻💰 Consider how your alerts will be delivered. Some services send alerts via email, text message or push notification while other may give you direct control to use those alerts to execute trades with your broker. 📩📲 Verify the legitimacy of the service you are considering using by conducting due diligence on their track record, success rate and whether other traders have experienced positive interactions with them. 🔍📈 Take advantage of any educational content offered by your service, to keep abreast of new strategies, ideas and ways to save time trading. By conducting your own research and following these steps you can ensure you find the ideal options trading alert service for yourself. 📚💡
  • Step 2: Evaluate Experience and Qualifications Step 1: Research the options trading alert service or product you are considering using, by reading customer reviews and ratings and viewing customer experiences with it. Step 2: Investigate the qualifications and experience of each service provider. Are they equipped with knowledgeable staff members, or do they hold any certifications or endorsements?
  • Step 3: Request a log or measurement of their past trades or performance to assess whether they have been consistently profitable and/or experienced any major losses. Review these records carefully in order to assess if their trades have been consistent, profitable and/or suffered major setbacks. Step 4: Check their experience operating in the options trading field, as well as solicit references from existing customers. Step 5: Evaluate whether their service offers customer support as well as training or educational materials for customers. Step 6: Inquire into their fees and costs associated with their services before agreeing to sign on with them. Ensure you fully comprehend all terms and conditions prior to making any commitments. 💼💰🔍
  • Step 4: Check their reviews and customer satisfaction ratings. * Visit the website of an option trading alert service or product. * Read customer reviews and ratings posted on their website in order to gauge customer satisfaction levels. * If reviews and ratings are unavailable on your website, search for them through third-party platforms like Trustpilot or Sitejabber. With reviews from millions of buyers available here, Sitejabber and Trustpilot provide an accurate picture of customer satisfaction. * Sort reviews according to relevance, date of publication and helpfulness — this will allow you to quickly identify those which are most pertinent and beneficial. * Make note of the overall rating for the service or product as well as the percentages of positive, neutral, and negative reviews to get an understanding of customer satisfaction with it. This will give an indication as to how customers perceive your offering. * Finally, review the past performance of an option trading alert service. Analyze any logs of past trades or measurements of past performance that indicate whether the service has consistently generated profits for investors.
  • Step 5: Evaluate Cost and Services Provided. To evaluate the costs and services provided by an options trading alert service or product, it’s essential to take into account factors like per alert costs, projected annual returns and your own tolerance for risk. Cost per alert should help you calculate how much money must be made with each trade to make this service worthwhile, while annual return projections must also be considered since higher rewards often come with greater risk. As part of your risk evaluation, take note whether or not an options trading alert service advertises an annual average return that exceeds 100% and whether or not you can accept up to a 25% drawdown along the way. Ultimately, look for services that match up with your trading strategy, style, experience level, budget and expectations in order to find one that perfectly fulfills them — this way you will find one which meets all your needs perfectly! 💰📊💡

Choose an option trading alert service that is right for you

Selecting an effective option trading alert service or product is 🔑 essential to reaching trading success. Here is a step-by-step guide that can assist in making this important decision:

  • Research your options. There are various options trading alert services and products available, so take the time to research all available providers to ensure you choose one that meets your specific needs.
  • Consider Cost and Strategy Costs vary between services and products, so ensure you are getting the best value for your 💰 money. Strategy can differ across services and products so make sure to identify which is the most suitable approach.
  • Assess the projected return. It’s best to invest in services or products with high returns at minimal risk, which means analyzing projected returns before looking for reviews from traders who have experience using whatever service or product is under consideration.
  • You should also read up on reviews left by others for that service or product if possible to gain an in-depth knowledge about it. Following these steps should help you locate the ideal option trading alert service or product for yourself.


What is an options trading alert service?

An options trading alert service 📣 is a specialized service used by options traders to increase the profitability of their investments. These alert services deliver digital alerts with suggested trades, strategies, entry points and price targets to assist traders in making better decisions. In addition, many options alert services also offer research tools and educational content that helps traders understand the market better and improve their strategies. Alerts may be sent directly to their phones or email and include new strategies or ideas as well as ways to save time trading or reduce risk — an invaluable resource for novice and experienced traders alike looking for greater returns from their investments! Options trading alert services provide digital alerts with suggested trades strategies as well as research tools and educational content designed to assist in making better investment decisions and making more profitable investments!

What are the Benefits of Utilizing an Options Trading Alert Service?

Some advantages to using an options trading alert service may include:

  • Weak signals can lead to missed trade opportunities; with reliable and accurate alerts that have proven success 😃; as well as educational content to give traders more insights into the market.
  • Free trials to try the service before investing capital. Expert or algorithm-based insight that can facilitate smarter trades. Integration capabilities with your online broker or exchange for real-time trading. Alerts that rarely solely depend on speculation.
  • Professional guidance and education for newbie traders. Notifications via text message, email, or push notification of high-quality trade opportunities quickly and efficiently at prices lower than their true worth.

What are the different types of options trading alert services?

Options trading alert services 📈 provide traders with specialized tools they need to make more profitable trades. These services provide various alerts and services; some even offering educational content, free trials and research tools. Common types of options trading alert services include:

  • Expert-Based Alert Services: These services are run by experienced professionals who spend their days analyzing the market and offering specific options trade recommendations such as strategies, entry points, and price targets.
  • Algorithm-Based Alert Services: These alert services use algorithms to recognize patterns in the market that make sense and assist traders with more intelligent trading strategies. Typically these services integrate real time with online brokerages and exchanges and also offer push notifications, email and/or text alerts for real time integration as well.
  • Paid Options Trading Alert Services: These services require a fee, but provide traders with educational content, tools, and research that helps them make informed decisions regarding options trading.
  • Free Options Trading Alert Services: Certain services provide trial periods or alerts so traders can test out their service prior to making a commitment. By exploring all the various options trading alert services available, traders can make more informed decisions regarding which service best fits their trading needs.

How do options trading alert services work?

Options trading alert services 📈 work by sending traders digital notifications with trade suggestions containing stock symbols, entry prices, stop loss levels and any additional relevant background details on them. These notifications can be delivered either directly to their phone 📱 or email inboxes 📧. Options trading alert services employ experienced professional traders who analyze potential trades and make recommendations based on their analysis. In addition, these alerts also offer research tools 🔍 so that users can conduct their own investigations of any potentially lucrative opportunities. Also, many options trading alert services provide educational content and free trials, enabling traders to test them out and become more knowledgeable traders. To use an options trading alert service effectively, one must first locate one they would like to utilize, sign up for their subscription, and decide how they’d like their alerts delivered.

What is the cost of an options trading alert service?

Cost of options trading alert services varies considerably; for those starting out in options trading, Trading Analyst Platform is an ideal starting point. Their subscription cost of $787 annually makes this service competitively priced with other alert services; other features may add or reduce expenses, depending on what features are provided such as more in-depth reports or analysis; basic alert services may cost less depending on what service type you require — ultimately it all comes down to personal choice! 💰💹📈

What factors should be considered when choosing an options trading alert service?

When selecting an options alert service, there are various factors that you must take into account. Cost/alert, projected annual return and strategy and style should all be carefully considered when choosing an alert provider. Cost/alert can help determine whether it will be worthwhile considering your account size and risk tolerance; projected annual return should provide you with an indication of potential risk involved with taking advantage of an alert service; strategy and style must align with trading goals; if losing streaks become problematic you should look for one with a higher win rate than others. 😎🔍🤔

At its core, an ideal options trading alert service should provide value that fits with your goals, risk profile, and trading style. Every service will offer its own set of strengths; thus it is wise to compare various providers prior to making your choice. 💪📊💡

What types of alerts are available from an options trading alert service?

Options trading alert services 🚨 provide traders with various alerts that help them make more informed decisions. Alerts could include recommendations with suggested strategies, entry points, price targets and price targets; new trading strategies; ideas for saving time and reducing risk; analysis from experts or algorithms; as well as expert opinion or information from other sources. Some alert services specialize in options trading while others provide all three trade types simultaneously; many alert services also include educational content to keep traders up-to-date on trends while some even allow automatic execution based on alerts through integration with online brokerages or exchanges so alerts can automatically execute trades based on alerts. For more, I recommend you check out this article on The Best Options Trading Alert Service — 2024

How often are alerts sent from an options trading alert service?

The frequency and timing of alerts sent from an options trading alert service depend on which particular service is utilized, with most typically occurring real-time with over 50% being sent within 30 minutes of market open (3:00 pm — 3:30 pm EST). Alert frequency depends on the service provider as well as the type; for instance, options trade alerts tend to come more often than stock trades alerts; some services also provide extra frequent alerts during times of high volatility.

Does an options trading alert service provide support?

An options trading alert service provides support, typically through trade recommendations with strategies, entry points, and price targets. In addition, many services also provide research tools that assist traders with conducting their own investigations into potential options trades as well as educational materials to learn more about the market. In addition, most alert services offer customer service teams available 24/7/365 should any issues or queries arise during trading activity.