Option Alpha Review: A Critical Analysis of the Platform’s Claims and Performance

Mason Jefferies
9 min readAug 2, 2023

Option Alpha claims to be the premier community, for options trading offering traders options alerts and robust trading tools. Kirk du Plessis, the founder of this platform aims to empower traders with the knowledge and resources to succeed in options trading.

In this review we will analyze the resources and automated trading features provided by Option Alpha to determine if it truly lives up to its promises.

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Education: An Abundance of Resources?

Option Alpha takes pride in providing a range of educational resources for those interested, in options trading. Now lets delve into the aspects of Option Alphas offerings and evaluate their actual worth.

Diverse Learning Materials

Option Alpha offers a range of learning resources, such, as video tutorials, podcasts, articles and blogs. This varied selection caters to learning preferences giving users the freedom to choose their format. Video tutorials provide explanations of concepts while podcasts are perfect for those who like to learn on the move. Articles and blogs offer written content, for exploration.

Guided Tracks for Progression

The courses provided by Option Alpha are divided into three levels; Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. This organization is designed to help learners progress gradually from knowledge, to advanced strategies.

At the Beginner level learners will be introduced to concepts like options, entries, exits and options expirations. As they move up to the level users will explore bullish, neutral and bearish options strategies. Finally at the level learners will delve deeper into topics such, as portfolio management, pricing and volatility analysis and trade adjustments.

Comprehensive Strategy Coverage

Option Alpha offers a selection of 36 used strategies that users can explore and apply to their options trading. These strategies range from single leg options to intricate combinations of long and short options enabling traders to adapt their approaches based on market conditions and risk tolerance. By including equity (stock) and risk-defined options strategies, the platform provides users with an expanded set of tools.

The Trader’s Handbook

Option Alpha offers its Traders Handbook as a resource, for reliable and unbiased trading information. One noteworthy section of the handbook is dedicated to Trading Psychology, which’s crucial for success in trading. This section highlights the importance of emotions and discipline in trading. Aims to provide traders with the mindset to navigate the markets skillfully.

Podcast Series with Kirk Du Plessis

Kirk Du Plessis hosts a podcast series that delves into aspects of options trading. The episodes cover a range of topics including market analysis, trading psychology and risk management. With experienced traders sharing their insights and offering advice these podcasts are a treasure trove, for investors seeking guidance..

Automated Trading: Living Up to Expectations?

Option Alphas automated trading bots are a feature specifically designed to analyze market data and execute trades based on established criteria. However, there are concerns regarding the effectiveness and accuracy of these bots.

Can they truly identify opportunities that human traders might overlook, as they claim? Moreover, how well do these bots adapt to fluctuating market conditions? Genuinely minimize risk for traders?

One area where the platform seems to lack is in providing support for trading strategies like calendars, diagonals, straddles and strangles. This limitation restricts the versatility of the platform. Can Option Alpha ensure an automated trading experience for all traders? Does it fall short of accommodating diverse trading styles?

Transparency and Accountability: Fact or Fiction?

Ensuring transparency and accountability is essential, for any trading platform as it fosters trust and confidence among users. Lets delve into Option Alphas assertions about their commitment, to transparency and accountability to evaluate their validity when closely examined.

Backtesting and Strategy Research

Option Alpha places importance on the process of backtesting and conducting strategy research. They claim to have designed their platform to facilitate these activities.

Backtesting enables traders to evaluate the performance of trading strategies by analyzing market data. While this feature seems promising it is essential to examine how the platform actually implements it and whether it provides historical data, for different strategies.

Traders require assurance that the historical data used for backtesting’s precise and dependable. Additionally, having access to a range of market conditions is crucial, to assess how strategies perform under various scenarios. Without this level of transparency, traders may question the accuracy and validity of the results obtained through backtesting on the platform.

Performance Validation

To back up their claim of being the options trading community, Option Alpha should undergo performance validation. Users deserve access to up-to-date records showcasing the platform’s trading success. This data should include information on the effectiveness of strategies, details regarding trade execution, and real-time performance metrics. Traders need proof of the platform’s achievements before committing their time and money.

Additionally, Option Alpha can boost its credibility by obtaining third-party verification of its trading results. Collaborating with auditing firms or agencies would instill trust among its user base.

Portfolio Management and Accountability

One important factor that distinguishes a trading platform is how involved it is, in managing users’ portfolios. Option Alpha offers software tools for optimizing options trading.

It doesn’t directly handle user portfolios. While this can be seen as an aspect for those who prefer control over their trades, it raises concerns about the platform’s responsibility.

Traders need assurance that Option Alphas tools are effective and trustworthy. Since there is no direct portfolio management, the platform must demonstrate its commitment to user success by providing updated resources, responsive customer support, and adaptable tools that align with market conditions.

Risk Disclosure and Client Communication

Open and honest communication is crucial in the trading industry, especially when it comes to disclosing risks. Option Alpha should be transparent about the potential for loss.

Provide clear risk warnings, disclaimers, and educational resources on risk management. This responsible approach to trading ensures that clients are well-informed about the risks associated with options trading.

Maintaining client communication is also important for platform updates, policy changes and service interruptions. By providing truthful information, traders can trust that they are kept informed about any developments that may affect their trading activities.

User Experience: A Seamless Journey?

Although Option Alpha claims to provide traders with an experience the platforms user interface fails to deliver on this promise in ways. Traders often face obstacles and frustrations that impede their efficiency and overall satisfaction with the platform.

Cluttered and Confusing Interface

When traders login to Option Alpha, they might feel overwhelmed by the interface, which can be cluttered and confusing. The organization of the platform’s layout is not intuitive, making it difficult for users to find the features and resources they need. Moving between sections, like materials, strategy backtesting and automated trading, can be complicated and time-consuming.

Unreliable Technical Performance

Traders who depend on the platform’s automated trading bots often experience frustration due to the platform’s technical performance. Issues like latency, slow trade execution, and occasional technical glitches frequently occur, leading to missed trading opportunities that’s time-sensitive in nature.

These performance inconsistencies greatly undermine traders’ confidence in Option Alphas’ capacity to provide an efficient trading experience.

Lack of Mobile Compatibility

Option Alphas mobile compatibility is not seamless, which can be a drawback for traders who like to stay connected while on the go. Traders are left without an app or a platform that adjusts well to mobile devices, making it challenging to manage their trades when they are away from their desktop computers.

This puts Option Alpha at a disadvantage compared to platforms that prioritize accessibility for traders who’re always on the move.

Limited Educational Resources and Depth

Although Option Alpha offers a range of resources, traders often find that these materials lack depth and practicality.

Despite being divided into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, the guided tracks on the platform do not provide insights or real-world trading knowledge.

Traders looking for, in-depth strategies and advanced technical analysis may be disappointed by the limited learning content offered.

Inadequate Customer Support

Option Alphas customer support falls short. Fails to be responsive when traders come across problems or need clarification. The delays, in response generic responses and the absence of assistance, make traders feel unsupported and unappreciated. The lack of an attentive customer support system only exacerbates the frustrations that traders experience while using the platform.

Dubious Performance Claims

Traders often have reservations about Option Alphas’ self-proclaimed “#1 options trading community” and their promises of delivering options alerts. The lack of verifiable performance data on the platform raises concerns among users making it challenging to place trust in these claims.

As a result, traders question the dependability and precision of Option Alphas strategies and overall performance, which ultimately raises doubts about the platform’s credibility.

Why Should Avoid Option Alpha

While Option Alpha provides features and educational materials, for options trading some traders may hesitate when considering this platform. Lets delve into the reasons why traders might consider exploring options of fully committing to Option Alpha.

Limited Strategy Coverage

While Option Alpha provides a variety of strategies it may not meet all the requirements of options traders. Seasoned traders who prefer intricate trading approaches might find limitations, on the platform, such as the lack of support for calendars, diagonals, straddles and strangles. This could restrict them from exploring a range of sophisticated strategies available, in the market.

Advanced Technical Analysis Tools

Traders who heavily rely on analysis might find that Option Alphas research tools may not meet their needs in terms of depth and customization. While the platform does offer investment analysis research tools some traders may require specialized charting capabilities or the ability to integrate with external analysis platforms.

Direct Portfolio Management

Option Alphas trading tools are primarily focused on automation and algorithmic trading. However, there are traders who have a preference for platforms that offer direct portfolio management services. This allows them to have professionals who can oversee their investments. The absence of direct portfolio management on Option Alpha might prompt these traders to explore alternatives that provide this support.

Platform Performance and Reliability

The overall user experience greatly relies on the platform’s performance and reliability. Traders might encounter hiccups, delays or slow loading times while using Option Alpha, which can disrupt their trading activities and possibly cause them to miss out on opportunities; for traders who need a trustworthy platform, these performance issues could be a downside.

Cost and Value Proposition

Although Option Alpha provides materials some traders may find that the price of subscribing to its premium packages does not match their perceived value. As traders consider their investment choices they may discover platforms that offer better features at more competitive prices.

Lack of Brokerage Services

Unlike platforms, Option Alpha does not offer direct brokerage services. Instead, it collaborates with brokerage firms. However, some traders prefer an experience where they can execute trades directly within the platform without needing accounts or logins.

Real-world Performance Concerns

The success. Winning options alerts that the platform claims may not match its performance in real-world situations. Traders might be concerned about the effectiveness of Option Alphas strategies and how often they result in outcomes. Some traders may hesitate to place their trust in the platform’s promises without being able to verify and see performance data.


Option Alpha is a top tier platform, for options trading that offers a range of resources and convenient automated trading capabilities. However after conducting our review we have identified some areas where the platform could be improved.

While the educational content provided by Option Alpha is extensive it’s important to evaluate its application and real world impact. Additionally while the automated trading bots show promise there are limitations that may raise concerns about their suitability, for all types of trading styles.

Ultimately traders need to consider whether Option Alphas features align with their needs and risk tolerance. Exploring options trading platforms and conducting thorough diligence may be advisable before making an investment decision.

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